Single-Family Residential Jobs

Single Family Housing refers to for-sale individual residential housing units built for one family to own and occupy. Single family homes are either attached or detached. Detached homes are built on their own lots and do not share any common walls with other units. Attached homes, such as townhomes, share either one or both side walls and consist of multiple units in a single contiguous structure on one level. Multi-level ownership units such as condominiums are not usually included in the single family housing sector, the major distinction being that condominium owners do not own the land under their unit while Single Family owners do. Homes can be custom built to the exact specification of an owner, but more often today they are manufactured by large national home builders who offer several models to choose from but allow few changes to the plans. Home building starts with the land. Some home builders buy raw land, get the necessary approvals to build, and prepare the lots by grading the site, bringing utilities, and paving roads. Then the individual lots are sold to home owners who chose which model home they want built. Other times, land developers do the leg work buying raw land and preparing the lots. These lots are then sold in bulk to home builders who in turn sell individual lots to home buyers. This process eliminates entitlement risk for the home builder.

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Job Title / Description Company Location Posted
Pacific Eagle CA-San Francisco 1/21/18
RSP Companies NY-New York 1/19/18
Faire Harbour Landings CT-New London 1/19/18
LMC IL-Schaumburg 1/19/18
Atlantic Realty Companies VA-Vienna 1/19/18
Investment Property Group CA-Irvine 1/19/18
National Home Rentals IL-Chicago 1/18/18
National Home Rentals IL-Chicago 1/18/18
National Home Rentals IL-Chicago 1/18/18
Forest City Realty Trust CA-San Francisco 1/18/18