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Ad formats

File types: Flash, GIF, JPG, PNG, HTML
Max file size: 30k
Polite Flash file size: 70k
Total file size: 100k

Sample ad Ad unit name Dimensions (pixels) Pages
Wide Skyscraper Ad Unit Wide Skyscraper160x600 Job Results, Job Details, Hub Pages, Articles, University Listings
Small Rectangle Ad Unit Small rectangle200x140 Home page, Employer home; Select Jobs email
Small Square Ad Unit Small square200x200 Job Results, Job Details, Hub pages, University Listings, Select Jobs email
Medium Square Ad Unit Medium Square250x250 Job Results, Job Details, Hub pages, University Listings, Select Jobs email
Skyscraper Ad Unit Skyscraper120x600 Select Jobs email
Logo Ad Unit Logo Ad200x70 Home page; Select Jobs email
Linking URLs: Must be domain name based and cannot be the IP address (i.e. http://207.123.456.78)
Cookie Settings: Approved vendors may set cookies only. 4th party cookie setting is permitted by SelectLeaders approved 3rd party servers only.

Advertising Policies

  • Cannot mislead the user. For example, they may not mimic or resemble dialogue boxes, error messages or look like an extension of our pages.
  • Cannot resemble SelectLeaders' content or that of our Career Center / Job Network partner sites. All ads must have a clear border.
  • Cannot contain images that simulate interactivity (i.e., drop down menus, search boxes, etc.) without that functionality actually existing.
  • Cannot mimic news headlines in design, tone, 3rd person sentence structure or topic.
  • All submitted advertisements are subject to review and approval by SelectLeaders, before placement on the site.
  • SelectLeaders reserves the right to remove any advertisement which is deemed misleading, disturbing, annoying, and/or harmful to our users at any time.

Submission Guidelines

  • Ads must conform to specifications outlined here. Ads that do not meet our specifications will be returned for revision.
  • Standard creative must be submitted to at least 3 business days prior to campaign launch. Rich media ads must be submitted 5 business days prior to launch to allow time for thorough testing. Contact your Sales Representative for additional details.
  • Submissions must include the following:
    • Advertiser name
    • Detailed trafficking instructions
    • Creative files
    • Alternate text (if applicable)
    • Linking URL
    • 3rd party tags (if applicable)
  • 3rd party tags must be live at the time of submission to enable thorough testing before launch.
  • For Flash ads, an alternate image conforming to the designated gif/jpg specifications must be provided for use in the event that the user's browser does not support Flash versions 6.0 and below.